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Registration for 2021 Level 3 will be open from July 19th to Aug 2nd.  This class is only available to individuals who have completed Levels 1 & 2 of SCHM’s School of Healing Prayer.  If you need a waiver for the class fees you must contact  (This includes current students). 

All students are expected to adhere to class policies, please review them.

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To schedule a healing prayer appointment, please call:


 May God Bless and Keep You in Perfect Peace through this very difficult time.





Our mission is to heal the broken hearted, proclaim freedom to the captives, restore those things the enemy has stolen and comfort those who grieve, through healing prayer in the name of Jesus.  
– Isaiah 61:1

  • To establish the Kingdom of God on earth as He has purposed it in heaven
  • To partner in the ministry of the Holy Spirit
  • To destroy the assignments of the devil
  • To restore one’s true identity in Christ

This is a Holy Spirit led ministry with Holy Scripture used for its foundation and guidance.


Sacramento Christian Healing Ministry is a Christ-centered, parachurch ministry, devoted to praying for wholeness and health in all areas: body, mind and spirit.

Our heart is to see others set free with a powerful love encounter with the Holy Spirit. We are all called to set the captives free, and we teach and encourage others to call upon their giftings to release and impart God’s authority to heal, deliver, and set free.


Prayer ministers are trained to listen, love with God’s love, intercede as the Holy Spirit leads and minister to the needs of the person receiving prayer. We work in groups of three and offer both male and female ministers. Strict confidentiality is guaranteed.

Contact us confidentially for information or to schedule a prayer appointment.
Call or text: (916) 947-7730.
Email: appointments@



Our SCHM team is available to help train your church group or leaders in various areas.  Form example, train your altar prayer ministers on the five-step prayer model, which equips people in how to pray. If interested, please contact us about topics covered and availability. .

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We offer personal prayer appointments. For physical, emotional, spiritual healing, and deliverance:
Call or text us at (916)947-7730.

Email: appointments@ 

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LAST Saturday prayer

On the last Saturday of each month, we have walk-in prayer available in
Sacramento. No appointment is needed, so come and receive prayer. Time is from 10am-noon, but please arrive by 11:30am so that we will have time to pray for you. Location: 1921 Arena Blvd., Suite 100, Sacramento, CA 95834.


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Healing of Pain, Hurt, Sadness and Bondage Through Forgiveness

I am grateful for the ministry I received by SCHM at Real Life Church in June. I received emotional healing having to do with memories of hurt received from my father and mother. Since that time, I have noticed I am no longer bitter. Before, when I was triggered emotionally I would want to escape the pain and trauma by wanting to die. I’ve been struggling with suicidal ideations for many years. A couple days ago, I experienced one of these low desperate times but I did not escape into wanting to die. Instead I stood my ground and God provided the way to escape (II Cor. 10:13) by serving someone else. I am also beginning to experience living in the moment instead of being fearful and anxious. God has definitely blessed me through the healing prayer of memories I received there. P.S. I’ve been carrying around a lot of anger at God the Father, not being aware I was doing it. I believe I will now be able to have a real relationship with my heavenly Father.

Emylie, 2021

A Biblical Based Healing Methodology

Part of what I appreciate about the MacNutt’s methodology/ideology is the strong emphasis on making sure that everything that is taught and practiced lines up with Holy Scripture. They are consistently clear, taking great care to assure that any understanding related to healing ministry lines up with what God revealed to us through the Bible. They were also very consistent in pointing out counterfeit practices and how to recognize them. (2018)


  • We see God heal physically, emotionally and spiritually.
  • The goal is for God to reveal the root problem and then heal the person.
  • We are also trained for those needing deliverance.

  • Forgiveness is huge! Amazing healing of the body, mind, and spirit happen when unforgiveness is uprooted and forgiveness takes place.
  • We see freedom from anxiety, fear, anger, depression and addiction.

  • Often for the first time, the prayer recipient will experience God’s love and presence in a very tangible way.
  • The lasting effects of a prayer session is freedom to walk in one’s God given identity and purpose.