Many people have shared their stories with us from taking our classes, experiencing our healing prayer sessions and journeying with us on ministry trips around the world.  Take a few moments to read their story about their encounter of God’s goodness & power. Included within are emotional, physical and spiritual healings, as well as deliverance from areas that have held them captive and imprisoned for years. All experiences are confidential unless you decide to share the comfort and healing you have received.

“We triumph over our enemy by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of our testimony.”
~ Revelation 12:11


Healing of Neck and Pain

I fell and x-rays revealed I had fractured my L2 vertebrae. The spinal doctor said I might need to have surgery.  I was in a lot of pain, even when wearing a back brace. It was extremely difficult to sit, stand, or sleep, and I was off work for three months. Chandra prayed for healing and that there would be no trace of a fracture. Hallelujah! I was totally healed!  A follow up appointment with the doctor confirmed my healing and he stated  “there’s no trace of a fracture.” Hallelujah! Praise Jesus!! 

Ruth (2021)

Healing of Pain, Hurt, Sadness and Bondage Through Forgiveness

I’m grateful for the ministry I received by SCHM at Real Life Church in June. I received emotional healing having to do with memories of hurt received from my father and mother. Since that time, I have noticed I am no longer bitter. Before, when I was triggered emotionally I would want to escape the pain and trauma by wanting to die. I’ve been struggling with suicidal ideations for many years. A couple days ago, I experienced one of these low desperate times but I did not escape into wanting to die. Instead I stood my ground and God provided the way to escape (II Cor. 10:13) by serving someone else. I am also beginning to experience living in the moment instead of being fearful and anxious. God has definitely blessed me through the healing prayer of memories I received there. P.S. I’ve been carrying around a lot of anger at God the Father, not being aware I was doing it. I believe I will now be able to have a real relationship with my heavenly Father.

Emylie, 2021


A Biblical Based Healing Methodology

Part of what I appreciate about the MacNutt’s methodology/ideology is the strong emphasis on making sure that everything that is taught and practiced lines up with Holy Scripture. They are consistently clear, taking great care to assure that any understanding related to healing ministry lines up with what God revealed to us through the Bible. They were also very consistent in pointing out counterfeit practices and how to recognize them. (2018)


Healing of Memories in the Name of Jesus

Two years ago my 12-year-old granddaughter died unexpectedly. We thought she had the flu and within 5 days she was gone. After her death, the nurses at the hospital prepared her body so the family could go into the room to see her one more time. I was the only one who decided to do that and I wish I hadn’t. It was so traumatic to see her beautiful face so deathly still and her personality gone. I couldn’t get that deathly picture out of my mind. Each time I would remember her that way instead of the wonderful memories I had. My prayer friends suggested healing prayer. I didn’t know what would happen but when I was asked, “what do you want Jesus to do for you?” – the picture of my granddaughter on the hospital bed was instant. As they prayed for me I saw Jesus, in my mind, come to the hospital bed and my granddaughter sat up smiling and went to him. That beautiful picture has replaced the horror of the death scene. Even though I can recall that death scene, there isn’t any emotion connected to it. I have been healed of the emotion and trauma of that deathbed. I would never have been able to come to that on my own. I experienced the healing of memories and so many we have prayed for have the same healing results.  (2018)


Forgiveness, Deliverance and Liberation from Childhood Sexual Abuse Memories

I had a very difficult thing I wanted to accomplish: to forgive the man who abused me when I was 7 years old. Even though I knew what God said to us: in order to be forgiven, we must forgive, I just couldn’t do it by myself. All of the Prayer Ministers were sensitive and influential in our time of prayer together, which led to forgiveness.

I have such joy and peace now. When they told me I needed to focus on Jesus, and not the person I needed to forgive, that helped me so much! The prayer leader had me verbally say, “I choose you, Jesus.” I was able to actually say the word and I forgave that man. Every morning since then, I wake up, focus on Jesus and I say those words again. And I actually believe what I’m saying.

I have been so happy since that day. It was a “rock” I had been carrying for a very long time.  (2018)


Untangling Physical and Emotional Trauma through Healing Prayer

I was in two car accidents in less than four years, rear-ended hard both times. The second accident exacerbated the original injuries, and I was in great pain from my neck all the way down my spine. After a few months the pain got worse instead of better, and an MRI showed that I had a bulging disc, which had not existed prior to the second accident. For months I had to work a restricted schedule at my job in order to tolerate the pain. Once I returned to work full time, I continued to suffer with pain every day and was miserable most of the time.

Nine months after the accident, I saw one of the prayer ministers at the National Day of Prayer and told her about the accident. She urged me to come in for a healing prayer session. By the end of my first prayer session, I clearly experienced a decrease in the pain.

At my last healing prayer session, we addressed the possibility that unforgiveness might be preventing the complete healing of my back. We had addressed this before and I had forgiven specific people who had deeply hurt me. This time, however, the prayer ministers encouraged me to not only to forgive and release those people, but to visualize blessing them as well. By the end of the session, I was filled with tremendous joy and freedom that was indescribable! I went home amazed and excited about the experience

A short time later, I suddenly realized that I was no longer in pain. My back pain was completely gone! I have been virtually pain-free since the last session a year ago. I have never heard of a bulging disc just ‘going away’, but that is what happened. Praise Jesus!  (2018)


Finding Inner Peace and Physical Healing through SCHM Classes

At one of our Healing Prayer training classes, I volunteered to be the subject for a “how-to-do-it-demo” for healing prayer. The Lord opened a childhood memory for me that has led to a whole new understanding of what happened to me and to my family during those painful years. Since then I have gained both a sense of personal peace but also a desire to help my siblings heal from what transpired.

The second session was unexpected. I was scheduled to have surgery for two things – a hysterectomy and hernia repair. I felt peaceful about the hysterectomy but had some concerns about the hernia repair. The team spontaneously prayed for healing for me after class. I went ahead with the surgery two days later and when I came out of anesthesia, I was informed that the hysterectomy went very well but that the hernia repair had not been done because they could no longer find any reason to do it. It is important to know that 3 different doctors had confirmed it was a legitimate problem and that surgery was warranted. Sole Deo Gloria!

The inner Healing Class has awakened so much hope in me. It’s easy to get discouraged when one is immersed in this world and sees the heartaches of young people today. Now I believe I can actually learn to help others in a tangible way, in order to free them and release them to fulfill the unique callings that God has given to each.  (2018)


How I learned to Hear God through the SCHM Classes

I was so impressed with the Sacramento Christian Healing Ministry approach to prayer. As a born-again Christian who believes the gifts and power of the Spirit, I was grateful to find a safe place where other believers would 1) listen to my issues; 2) ask God how to pray for me; 3) ask me what I believe God is saying or doing in the situation (this was a break-through for me); and 4) agree and pray with and for me. Also, they addressed many things that cannot be addressed in a normal alter prayer session during a Sunday service, such as breaking generational curses and emotional healing and unforgiveness. The prayer ministers were also very sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit.

My personal approach to prayer has been to praise, petition, speak in tongues, and worship. But many times I forget to listen. In my first prayer appointment, I was asked to listen and receive from God. This was crucial for me because up to that point, I truly did not stop to think how important it is just to listen. I did not truly believe I could hear from God, but that day I did.  (2018)


A Biblical Based Approach to Healing

I believe that the Christian Healing Prayer Ministry teaching was most valuable in the continuation of my heart for healing prayer. We learned the Biblical teaching on healing and most importantly; we learned how to listen to God. The logistics of the prayer ministry gave us time to learn to be comfortable praying for one another and how to move in discernment in the gifts of the Holy Spirit. The wisdom, the knowledge, and the teaching of the MacNutt curriculum (Christian Healing Ministry) is full of grace and balance. This is the ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The training gave me time to prayerfully consider the ministry and how to fit into it after years of not being active in healing prayer. The facilitators, in their time with us in training, prepared us to continue in ministry, should we desire to be mentored and brought confidence in ministry. God is always good and brings healing that is directed by the Holy Spirit, who points to Jesus in very instance. You will not find a more Christ-centered ministry than this one. The Lord prepares our hearts prior to prayer for those who come for prayer. The class prepares us for this work. The volunteers who put together the ministry appointments are sensitive to Holy Spirit leading and discernment. There is a sense of cohesion and great love for those who minister and those being prayed for, as the intercessions of our hearts are heard in the court of God. He is faithful to all who come.  (2018)